Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio
  “I can trust that anyone I send to Cynthia will improve 10 fold. I've seen her take a young actor who really doesn't get a character and help them to turn into that character....”
Sharon Lieblein, VP, Casting & Talent Development, Cartoon Network

”What I hear over and over from my actors is that this is the place where they really learn.”

Learn script analysis and
deep character analysis.
Learn goal setting, positive achievements and replacing can’t with can.
Learn professional acting and life skills in a safe, supportive environment.
My methodology is influenced by legendary Uta Hagen, my own acting coach, the renowned Roy London, and my contemporary mentor, the incredible Howard Fine. My personal experience as a young actor inspired me to create the kind of class I desired as a young actor, taught with respect for a young actor’s intelligence and the “master” within them, empowering them with the tools, techniques, and discipline they need to succeed as professional actors. My focus is scene study with the emphasis on script analysis. In scene study the same scene is memorized and performed over the course of weeks. What happens here mimics what happens in the professional world.

I’ve been called a “Child Whisperer.”
My passion and gift is working with young actors, which is why I work with them exclusively.


Cynthia Bain and Evan Ross
  "Cynthia has really helped me with my comedy. She always helps me to 'find the funny' in everything.”
Erin Sanders
Emma Roberts
  “I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve done to help us.  Thanks a whole lot. ”
Little JJ

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