Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio
  "Thanks for really bringing the craft, the discipline and the love of the work to these young actors. I hope we work together again soon."

Alison Taylor, Creator/Executive Producer, Just Jordan
Just Jordan stars
Cynthia with Just Jordan Executive Producer David Hoge


Shane Black "People new to the business, take note of the find that is Cynthia Bain. In a field brimming with self-promoting blowhards and pseudo-psychologists, she is quite simply the clearest, most direct and engaging teacher with whom I've ever worked. Hardnosed insight without hysteria; passion tempered with PRACTICALITY -- did I mention that she is actually IN movies? A passel of 'em. MARK IT: this class presents an opportunity for you or your child that is NOT TO BE MISSED."
Shane Black, Writer, Producer, Director,
("Lethal Weapon", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang") 
Max Burnett “Cynthia Bain is the most extraordinary acting coach with whom I have had the pleasure of working. She has provided our young actors with the tools and the foundation to grow and mature as actors.”
Max Burnett, Executive Producer and co-creator of Nickelodeon's "The Troop."
"Cynthia is one of the top coaches when it comes to young actors. I can trust that anyone I send to her will improve 10 fold. I've seen her take a kid that really doesn't get a character and help them to turn into that character. Not by giving them line readings, but by giving them the tools to use to figure out where a character comes from and how they can make it their own. In addition to being a great acting coach, she really gets this business and makes sure that her students get it too."
Sharon Lieblein, Vice President, Talent and Casting, Nickelodeon
“Cynthia is by far one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and honest coaches I've worked with. Her warm and sincere approach builds instant trust with young actors.”
David Brookwell, Executive Producer, Brookwell-McNamara Entertainment
Alison Taylor Thanks for really bringing the craft, the discipline
and the love of the work to these young actors.
I hope we work together again soon."
Alison Taylor
Creator/Executive Producer, Just Jordan
"I've been fortunate enough to observe some of Cynthia Bain's classes, and I am so impressed with the safe and creative environment offered at her acting studio. Teenagers want to experiment, and we parents dread some of what that can mean in these times - Cynthia's classes provide a place for our kids to be anything, everything - and yet come home safe, enriched, and encouraged. Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio has my highest endorsement."
Gavin de Becker,  Bestselling Author   
"Cynthia was truly a pleasure to work with. Her help on the set was invaluable.  She made our jobs easier. We couldn't have done it without her. We can't wait to work with her again."
Heath Seifert, Kevin Kopelow Executive Producers/Creators/Writers “Star and Stella Save the World”
“Cynthia Bain is an amazing acting coach. She knows how to break down those walls that hold you back from reaching your full potential as an actor. I am always recommending Cynthia, her classes and her private coaching.”
Harriet Greenspan, Casting Director
"There is only one acting coach that I totally trust to take my clients to the next level and that is Cynthia Bain. These are serious acting classes that produce results in a nurturing yet challenging environment. The kids learn the skills to get them to the set and keep them there. Cynthia is so good she's like a great restaurant- you almost want to keep her a secret." Susie Mains, Talent Manager - Trilogy Talent
“Cynthia is the best performance coach I have worked with. She knows how to talk to kids and get the best out of them. She challenges her actors to be the best they can be. She's a great presence on the set and was invaluable to me on the show.”
Paul Lewis, Executive in Charge of Production at Nickelodeon
“Cynthia Bain is the best acting teacher and coach for young actors.  She is truly a “child whisperer” when communicating with young actors, and she produces results that are truly phenomenal.  Cynthia has turned countless young actors into successful, working professionals.  Her close relationships with the television networks and major studios means that she constantly knows what they are looking for, and she is able to effectively translate that to the benefit of her students.  Not only do I have her train my most valued clients, but my own daughter as well.”
Bill Rogin, Rogin Entertainment
"Working with Cynthia is such a pleasure. She is extremely skilled at teaching the craft of acting, especially to young actors. She is industry savvy and knows what casting directors and producers are looking for and is able to convey this to her students in a way that makes sense to them. Bottom line: her clients work"
Adam Griffin, Talent Manager
Kritzer/Levine/Wilkins Entertainment
"Cynthia Bain is an exceptional and dedicated teacher. Any serious young actor or actress would be well advised to take Cynthia's class." 
Howard Fine, Howard Fine Acting Studio
"I feel very encouraged to know that there are professionals like Cynthia Bain out there who really care about young performers. It is obvious that she is very passionate about her work and offers a tremendous service to young actors."
Heather Vanian, Looking Ahead Social Worker,                
The Actors' Fund of America
Uta Hagen Roy London Howard Fine
Taylor Parks
  "I love this class! I have learned so much from Cynthia!"
Caitlyn Banouch
Caitlyn Elizabeth Banouch
  “Cynthia's class is so much fun. She's tough, but I'm so much better because of it. Cynthia challenges you and makes you bring your best acting every time” Emma Degerstedt  

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