Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio
  "Thanks for really bringing the craft, the discipline and the love of the work to these young actors. I hope we work together again soon."

Alison Taylor, Creator/Executive Producer, Just Jordan
Just Jordan stars
Class members of 2002
"As a parent of one of Cynthia's students, I can honestly say that my daughter has 'grown up' since attending her acting class.  My daughter seems to have found a safe and creative outlet for her teenage angst. I can also see from the Studio's professional showcases that Cynthia has an organic approach to acting that brings out the fullest and truest emotional and creative life of her students.  After each Saturday class, my daughter comes home full of energy, excited by the challenging work and looking forward to the next class. That's the surest sign that Cynthia is doing something right."  
Wally Kurth, actor, father of Meghann Kurth
"I am sure Cynthia has the formula for creating more hours and more energy than previously believed possible in order to work with her students. And she is willing to give them up for her kids....very impressive."
Susan Marlow Buda, attorney ,mother of Lena Buda  
"Cynthia Bain is a very talented teacher along with being an excellent professional actress. She has an uncanny way with teens and teaches them how to get in touch with their feelings and to bring that into their acting. She has incredible ideas and suggestions to aid them in making clear choices in their acting. The kids also adore her. She has created a safe, fun and loving environment for teens of all levels to learn the craft of acting."
Beth Bowles, actress , mother of Kelly McCabe
"Patience, Personality, & Poise. Cynthia truly know how to bring out the actor in anyone!!"
Brenda Evans,  singer/songwriter , mother of Lakeith Evans  
"My daughter has taken many different acting classes in the past, but once we enrolled her in Cynthia's class, we knew we hit the "Jackpot." My daughter's passion and skill level has increased 100% and I know it's because of Cynthia's teachings. I give her 5 stars!!"
Kim DeVivo,  mother of Gina DeVivo
"Cynthia's dedication and passion for her craft is inspiring and contagious. We feel very fortunate to have her in our lives!"
Sue Blessey , mother of Tay Blessey
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